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Equipment Retail & Installation

Leisure Pool & Spa Supply, Inc./Premier Aquatic Construction, dba is pleased to provide a wide selection of industry leading pool and spa equipment. Our commercial construction division has worked with numerous clients of varying sizes, always striving to provide high-level service, customized to each project’s individual needs. Interested? Request a quote by clicking here.

Moveable Pool Bulkheads Since 1971

Paddock moveable bulkheads span the width of the pool and can be easily moved to different positions to create varying courses for competition (25 meter, 50 meter, 25 years, etc.) They can also be moved for general use. They divide the pool into sections, so lap swimming can be conducted on one side and recreation, instruction or diving in the other. A key benefit to the Paddock bulkhead is its flow through design. A key benefit to the Paddock bulkhead is its flow-through design.  Bulkheads are custom built for each individual pool but are usually 4, 5, or 6 feet wide, 4 feet deep, and 45, 60, or 75 feet in length.  Paddock has been manufacturing movable bulkheads since 1971.

Standard Features

  • The corrosion resistant Type 316L, 316L/304L CLAD or 304L stainless steel frame is engineered for structural stability
  • Flow-through, slip-resistant PVC targets with 32% open area are installed at each racing lane to (1) facilitate movement, (2) allow circulation of chemically treated water inside the bulkhead to prevent algae growth, and (3) provide a textured surface for flip turns
  • Built-in variable buoyancy allows bulkhead to be quickly and easily moved to alternate locations
  • Wheels or skids are used to mount bulkhead to gutter or deck, depending on pool design
  • Each bulkhead is pre-fitted with accessories for attachment of racing lines, installation of platforms and handrails, and connection to electronic devices.

Paddock Evacuator Systems

Paddock’s patented and patents-pending Evacuator Technology is a source-capture system specifically designed to minimize levels of airborne chloramines. These advanced systems greatly increase the quality of air in and around your pool. This results

in air that is safer, easier to breathe and is much more pleasant. Enhance the quality of your pool experience with a Paddock Evacuator.

  • Bench Evacuator
  • Deck Drain Evacuator
  • Wall Mount Evacuator
  • Gutter Evacuator
  • Custom Evacuators
  • Chemical Pump Room Evacuator

Deck Equipment – Starting Platforms, Ladders & Much More

V.G.B Compliance

Ensure safety and compliance with the 2008 Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. Leisure Pool & Spa Supply can work with you to ensure your pool or spa’s main drains are up to code. Ensure your patrons are swimming in a safe facility!  For more about this, click here.

Equipment Maintenence

Trust Leisure Pool & Spa Supply with not just your aquatic center equipment installation, but with your ongoing maintenance as well!

Our qualified service technicians and staff stand ready to assist you in ensuring your facility stays up to date and running smoothly. Leisure Pool & Spa Technicians complete thousands of calls for service and water testing each year.

Paddock Regenerative Media Filtration

The Paddock Regenerative Filter is an automated, stainless steel (best material for longevity) filtration system that operates at an incredible savings compared to industry standard filter systems. This regenerative filter uses either Perlite or Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.), which provides the best available technology for optimal particulate removal to 1 micron.

This Regenerative filter has been on market over 45 years, seeing the most challenges with early development of product and is the most reliable and best designed unit on market to date.

Leisure Pool & Spa Supply | Premier Aquatic Construction | Service Since 1982

Trusted Service Since 1982

Interested in equipment upgrades for your aquatic facility? Require maintenance? Get in touch with Leisure Pool & Spa Supply today for a free quote.

“We rely on Leisure Pool to supply us with chemicals and facility upgrades and train the community of aquatic professionals in pool operation by hosting CPO classes here on site. We are confident their services and deliveries will be consistent with their commitment to us and the community. Leisure Pool will have a long relationship with Rolfs Aquatic Center!” – Frank Vaccaro, Aquatics Director, University of Notre Dame