Proactive Guidance Plan for All Employees & Vendors to Protect Against Exposure, Infection, and Spread of COVID-19

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Proactive Guidance Plan for All Employees & Vendors to Protect Against Exposure, Infection, and Spread of COVID-19

Leisure Pool & Spa Supply, Inc. is committed to always maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for all of its employees, partners, & vendors. Our two biggest services are; the weekly operation of our bacteriological water sample collection and delivery routes as well as the daily operation of our commercial and residential service department. Both require our employees, couriers, and sub-contractors to travel across the State of Indiana to various aquatic facilities (Including hotels, hospitals, and schools) on a daily and weekly basis. This is why we are taking a proactive, mitigation approach to protect both employees and clients from the possible risk of exposure, infection, and spread of COVID-19.

First and foremost, all L.P.S.S. Inc. employees, couriers, and sub-contractors have been provided with the following antimicrobial and personal protective products for their persons and work vehicles:

CLOROX® Wipes (E.P.A. Reg. No. 67619-25). An antimicrobial product approved for use against novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19.

Lysol® Disinfectant Spray (E.P.A. Reg. No. 777-99). An antimicrobial product approved for use against novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the Cause of COVID-19.

Venom® Vinyl Gloves (Latex Free). A personal protective product.

3M® 8210PLUS N95 Respirator Masks (NIOSH Approved N95). At least 95% filter efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols that do not contain oils.

Both our service dept. technicians and our bacteriological route & delivery drivers are required to do the following:

  • Using CLOROX® Wipes, wipe their hands and wipe down their vehicle surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, shift columns, radios, window controls, buttons, knobs, etc. at minimum three (3) times per day. Once prior to starting their route, second at midday or “lunch,” and third upon arriving at the laboratory for sample drop off and (or) upon returning to our offices at the end of the day.
  • Using CLOROX® Wipes, wipe their personal hands and vehicle surfaces after stopping at a public place such as a gas station or fast food/restaurant.
  • Using CLOROX® Wipes, wipe down their personal hands both prior to entering and returning to their vehicle from, any increased risk facility such as a hospital, physical therapy facility, nursing home, school, or university).

Using Lysol® Disinfectant Spray, our bacteriological water route drivers are required to spray down their sample bottle trays and coolers three times a day. Once at midday. Second upon arriving at but prior to entering the laboratory, and third, after returning to the office at the end of each route day.

At this time the use of personal protective equipment such as the vinyl gloves and respirator masks are at the discretion of our employees, couriers, and sub-contractors. It is not a requirement.

All employees are encouraged to sanitize their hands with either CLOROX® Wipes or Purell® Hand Sanitizer upon arriving at the office each morning. Then again if they leave during the day for any reason (such as a lunch break) and return. Additionally, office personnel are encouraged to sanitize their office surfaces throughout the day with either hand wipes or disinfectant spray. Office surfaces include but are not limited to doorknobs, keyboards, mouses, calculators, desktops, countertops, handrails, etc.

The following are recommended guidelines for the workplace by the CDC that L.P.S.S. Inc. is adopting outright and encourages its couriers and sub-contractors to adopt:

  • Employees should notify their supervisor and stay home if they are sick.
  • Employees who have symptoms of acute respiratory illness need to stay home and not come to work until they are free of fever (100.4° F [37.8° C] or greater using an oral thermometer), signs of a fever, and any other symptoms for at least 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing or other symptom-altering medicines (e.g. cough suppressants).
  • We will not require a healthcare provider’s note for employees who either are feeling symptoms for the common flu or commonly known for COVID-19 and (or) are sick with acute respiratory illness. Healthcare provider offices and medical facilities may be extremely busy and not able to provide such documentation in a timely way.
  • We will be flexible with our normal policies and work with employees that need to stay home to care for a sick family member with COVID-19 such as children, wife, husband, mom, or dad.
  •  If you are exposed to a person or persons with confirmed COVID-19 (within 6ft. or physical contact), we will allow you to self-quarantine at home for a period of no less than 14 days starting from the initial day of contact.
  • We will routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and doorknobs. Use the cleaning agents that are usually used in these areas and follow the directions on the label.
  • Provide disposable wipes so that commonly used surfaces (for example, doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, desks) can be wiped down by employees before each use.



Marcus A Yoder
Vice President, AFO, CPO
Leisure Pool & Spa Supply, Inc.

Employees, Sub-Contractors, & all Interested Parties may find additional information on protecting against COVID-19 in the workplace at the CDC’s website for “Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers” here:


Link to PDF version of statement:

L.P.S.S. Inc. COVID-19 Proactive Guidance Plan