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This complete pool & spa water testing kit from Taylor includes complete testing treatment guide and tables. Taylor – the most trusted name in water testing. Available today from Leisure Pool & Spa Supply, Inc.

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Taylor Complete FAS-DPD Test Kit 3/4 Oz Reagents – K-2006

Information from Taylor:

The latest trend in sanitizer testing at commercial aquatics facilities by both operators and health inspectors has been to the FAS-DPD titration. With FAS-DPD titration you can read free and combined chlorine directly, without subtraction; measure these levels as low as .2 ppm and as high as 20 ppm; and eliminate color-matching pinks. Using FAS-DPD to monitor bromine is similarly advantageous.

Calculations of treatment dosages are more accurate – no under or overdosing. Very high levels of sanitizer that would be off-scale on a color comparator are easy to determine by counting drops. The distinct change in the treated water sample from color (pink) to no-color is easy for anyone to see.

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