AcidBlue®, Buffered Low-Fume Muriatic Acid – 1 Gallon


AcidBlue is a buffered, low-fume replacement for standard muriatic acid. Acid Blue uses a full-strength proprietary formula that is easier to use, ship and store compared to standard muriatic acid. This product by Champion is the latest in pool chemical advancement. This low fume Muriatic Acid is available in 1-gallon jugs and is in stock and ready to ship from Leisure Pool & Spa Supply, Inc.  Alternative to ACID Magic®. [Contact us today if you have any questions!]

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Acid Blue®, Buffered Low-Fume Muriatic Acid – 1 Gallon

Acid Blue® is a buffered, low-fume alternative choice to standard muriatic acid. Acid Blue is safer, easier to handle and store than standard muriatic acid. Acid Blue uses proprietary “Vapor Reduction Technology” to reduce the harmful and dangerous fumes associated with regular muriatic acid. Acid Blue does NOT permeate through plastic bottles. Acid Blue® cleans clarifies and etches just like standard 31.45% muriatic acid. This premium, user-friendly product by Champion Packaging and Distribution is the latest in pool chemical advancement and has many commercial and home uses including pools, concrete, brick, metals, and more! Muriatic acid is used to decrease pH or total alkalinity levels in swimming pools. This buffered, non-fuming pool acid reduces total alkalinity and pH levels and is available in convenient 1-gallon jugs from Leisure Pool & Spa Supply, Inc. Alternative to ACID Magic®.

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