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Pool Care 101 - Quick Dips - How to Balance you Pool Water - Swimming Pool Care Guides by LeisurePoolinc.com

Water Balance 101

Finding balance – it is essential in life and very important in the proper maintenance of your swimming pool or hot tub! In this ‘Quick Dip’ article we explore the top three pool water balance factors, Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness. Dive in and read on!


What You Need to Know About Pool Shock - Pool Shock 101 - Bromine vs. Chlorine - Liquid vs. Tablets & Much More -QuickDips by leisurepoolinc.com

About Pool Shock

It’s time to get up to speed with the differences in pool shock. This Quick Dips article covers a few of the most common types of shock, the difference between a shock and an oxidizer and chlorine vs. bromine. Read on for more!


Quick Dips - How to Shock your Pool - Pool Care Tips & Tricks - Swimming Pool Maintenance

How to Shock Your Pool

Shocking your pool water is one of the keys to keeping your pool sparkling and ready to swim in. Failing to shock your pool water can lead to algae and bacteria build-up. This creates a swimming pool that is not only uninviting, but hazardous to pool patrons as well.


Pool Safety Guides - Keeping Your Family Safe Around Your Swimming Pool - Quick Dips by Leisure Pool & Spa Supply

Tips for Pool Safety

With any body of water, there come risks. From chemical irritation to drowning, there are a number of safety concerns that you should be aware of and prepared for. Below, we have compiled just a few tips that can assist you in ensuring pool safety.


Quick Dips - What to Do If Your Pool Water Turns Green, or Red, or Brown - Pool Care Guides

Dealing With Algae, High Metal Content & More

When everything is working as intended, your swimming pool’s water should be crystal clear and have an inviting sparkle. However, algae or high levels of metal in the water can turn that clear blue water into a murky, icky mess. Below are some quick tips on how to deal with this issue.


Pros & Cons of Salt Water Pools

One of the more popular products to recently gain market share within the pool industry is the saltwater pool system. Often referred to as a cure-all fix that allows for lower costs and easier maintenance, we are often asked how exactly a saltwater pool system works. We cover that now, in this Quick Dips Pool Care Guide!


Choosing Swimming Pool Filter Sand - Play Sand vs. Pool Filter Sand - Quick Dips from LeisurePoolinc.com

Choosing Pool Filter Sand

In the words of Anakin Skywalker, “I don’t like sand, it’s course, rough and gets everywhere.” Having gritty sand pouring into your pool is one of the last things you want, but is just what can happen if you use the WRONG sand in your pool’s sand filter system.


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