I Moved and I Now Have A Pool… What The Heck Do I Do Now?

Quick Dip: New Pool Care Overview


You’ve finally finished unpacking. The kitchen is organized, the garage is set-up and the kids got their Playstation 3 (or is it a 4?) hooked up to the TV. Everything is all set and ready to go… except for that ‘new to you’ swimming pool in the backyard. It’s definitely a wanted feature, but what do you need to do to ensure that it doesn’t become a hassle and cause issues down the line? Here are a few quick tips on what to do if you are new to pool maintenance and care.

Stock Up On Pool Supplies

Tim Yoder Unloading Pallets of Sodium Hypochlorite - Liquid Chlorine, Bulk Pool Supplies

Grab your supplies! Maybe not a semi-trailer full, but enough to get you by. It is essential that you maintain proper balance and chemical levels in your swimming pool water. This is not just to ensure the longevity of your pool and pool equipment, but for the safety of your family as well. Shocking (superchlorinating) your pool, to keep bacteria levels down is critical. This needs to be done on a regular basis.

After filling your pool with fresh water, you will need to check the water’s balance. A high-quality test kit from Taylor or LaMotte to check your chemical and balance levels is a necessity! A list of pool chemicals you may need include; stain & scale preventer, chlorine shock, pH increaser and pH decreaser, total alkalinity increaser and total alkalinity decreaser and algaecide.

Check Your Mechanicals – Pump, Filter & More

Without functioning mechanicals, your pool water will become stagnant and ‘icky’ very quickly. Make sure your pool filter pump is in good order and that your filter system is working properly. Keep your pump running and filtering! Modern pool pumps are quite energy-efficient and any money saved in not running the pump can quickly be lost if you have to increase your chemical dosage to clear out algae or other organic build-ups. If your pump isn’t running, your filter isn’t functioning! If you have a cartridge filter system, you will probably need to either clean the filter or replace it. If your pool has a sand filter, backwash your filter. Backwashing reverses the flow of water through your filter and pushes the contaminants out of the filter’s waste port. If you have done this and still notice low water flow, consider having the old sand removed and replaced with new sand.

Prepare to clean!

Pool pro skimming a swimming pool with a blue pool skimmer - leisure pool
A pool skimmer is an essential part of any pool operator’s kit! We have these available in our Syracuse, Indiana Showroom! (1405 N. Indiana Ave, Syracuse, IN 46567)

As you begin to live with your new-to-you pool, you will notice that swimming pools can and will attract contaminants. Even though good circulation helps to cut down on a lot of this, you will still need a few extra tools in your bag.

A good net skimmer is used to scoop up leaves, twigs and other ‘floaties’ on the surface of the water. A pool brush is used to scrape off any grime or algae deposits on your pool wall and floor. Pool vacuums attach to your skimmer and are excellent at sucking loose dirt off of your pool’s floor. Keeping your pool free of contaminants and organics keeps it inviting and can help to reduce bacteria growth.

Call In The Pros – An Initial Service Call

Don’t be afraid to call for help. In fact, we would highly recommend that you consider consulting your local pool pros before utilizing your pool. They can walk you through proper maintenance and chemical balance and can check for any mechanical or structural issues to ensure safe and worry-free operation. Spending the money on an initial swimming pool service call can save you a lot of money and headache over the long run!

If you would like to off-load much of the pool/spa care hassle, Leisure Pool & Spa Supply offers weekly and bi-weekly maintenance packages here in the Michiana region. Spend more time using your pool and less time working on it! Contact us for more details.

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